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International Hair Concept is a european clinic network dedicated to the most advanced hair treatments. The excellence and experience of Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes and Dr. Fouad Besrour - Plastics Surgeons, apply the latest techniques taking advantage of the synergies generated by the clinics network gathering the perfect know how to give you the hair that you have always dreamt.


International Hair Concept has operating theaters and a treatment facility in Frankfurt (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal) and soon in Tunis (Tunisia) reflects our ambition and commitment of our medical professional team towards hair health.



Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes
Clinic Director of IHC Portugal

Portuguese Plastic Surgeon Doctor with vast experience in many plastic surgery fields and specialized in Hair Surgery in 2011 in Paris.

Dr. Fouad Besrour
Clinic Director of IHC Germany

German Plastic Surgeon Doctor specialized in hair surgeries.

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What we do

IHC is specialized in hair transplant, treatment and rehab. In order to achieve planned goals we use different procedures from surgeries to non invasive treatments.

Hair transplants may be executed by different techniques. Choosing the correct intervention depends of the established goals and extraction hair conditions.
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It’s the pigmentation of dermal tissue with different pigments granules, achieving a result of the epidermis colouration and hair simulation.
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Treatments use several non invasive techniques based upon hair evaluation. These treatments are based in pharmacology to reduce hair deficiencies.
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3 step procedure


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